By Brendan Moyle 15/02/2016

It’s a cooler week for riding. More schools have started back though.  Congestion from 8.00am is getting terrible. Cars were already backed up to Glenvar Road, on East Coast Rd when I started.  And past the QBE stadium from the Albany intersection.  Most of the time the cars weren’t moving.

The number of other cyclists I spotted during this road was zero. Nil. Not one other. This is on the back of a recent survey that found a third of NZers surveyed do less than 30 minutes exercise a week.  I’m not even a competitive cyclist. I just ride mostly for fitness, fun, and being outside.  And also, congestion does have economic costs. These are the impact of congestion on travel time, plus the inefficient use of fuel, and the increased concentration of emissions at these congestion points.

It turns out, the cycling is in fact, the fastest way for me to get to work. Especially if I want to leave at peak traffic times.  Oh, I was traveling over 50kph in a 60k zone.

bike ride