By Brendan Moyle 07/03/2016

The weekend hike was a bit further north.  I went up to Okura, and hiked to Dacre Cottage.  I did it the slightly harder way, with camera gear and a tripod.  And yes, there were times I envied the lighter equipped walkers over the hilly bits.

There were two sites of interest.  One was the Okura Estuary.  The seascape shot is of the estuary, looking towards Long Bay Regional park.  I’m at the south end of Karepiro Bay.  The Okura was flowing slowly into sea, while the tide came in.  The nice part of this shot was the fish that were leaping out of the water just a few metres away.   Not that I photographed them.  But it added to the mood.

In this case, I decided to convert the photo to a duotone look. The lighting seemed to suit the treatment, and well, estuaries aren’t really sparkling clean, natural blue vistas.  They’re great for local shore birds though.

Okura Estuary

After this shot, I moved on to Dacre Cottage (noting with some pleasure the large number of NZ dotterels on the beach at Karepiro Bay).  Given its age, I opted to convert it to a more antique look.  For some reason, I don’t think modern pics are good at capturing the atmosphere of such places.  Dacre Cottage is an old historical site.

Dacre Cottage