By Brendan Moyle 18/03/2016

Once our species used to move.  We crossed oceans, rivers and mountains that were an obstacle to many of species.  We spread into Asia, Europe and the Americas.  In the Pacific Polynesians explored and settled islands as disparate as Hawaii, Easter Island and Aotearoa.

We ran. We are such adept runners we can (potentially) run 42 km without stopping, just for fun.

Now many of us rarely go outside. And it makes a difference.

Researchers at London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine have recently published a study on the health effects of different commuting options.  If you cycle to work (in the UK), you’ll have lower body fat percentage and weight in mid-life compared to those who use the car.  It works out at approximately 5kg lower body-weight.

In some ways, this isn’t surprising.  More exercise, on a regular and frequent basis, should lead to better health outcomes.  The value here is the size of the sample (150,000 adults) and the quantification of the differences.

Here in NZ when news stories are reporting on March-Madness – a time when road congestion is slowing traffic down to crawling speed- it’s worth considering the two-wheel option to get around.  Pic below is from my ride in this morning.  (My contribution to the grassroots #Friding campaign).  Also my contribution to reductions in GHG emissions… 🙂
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  • The header-picture is rush hour in Beijing though…NZ is nothing like that