By Brendan Moyle 28/03/2016

It’s a long weekend, so I can appreciate things get a bit quiet.  The shot below is of the Waitemata Harbour and the Auckland skyline.  I guess it should probably be counted as a cityscape more than a seascape.

Anyway, this was the lost shot of an evening spent on North Head.  I’d already packed up my gear and was heading back to the car (I had a child that needed picking up from an event he was at).  I saw this view, then quickly setup for one last shot.  What made it trickier is I couldn’t see the stopwatch on my watch anymore, and had to guess the exposure.  I thought it’d need around 60 seconds to capture.  I guessed when it had enough, and checked time later.  62 seconds.  That was an oddly well timed fluke, or I’ve got better with the long exposures I’m doing.  Anyway, it was a few more precious hours outside.

Photo taken with Sony a7R and Sony 70-200mm f2.8 G lens, at 135mm.  Lee ND grad used to lower exposure on city.

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