By Brendan Moyle 29/04/2016

Another Friday and that’s another occasion to participate in the grassroots #Friding campaign.  My goal however, is not to commute to work on the bicycle once a week, but to drive but once a week.  It’s been a good couple of weeks for it.  For one thing, the school holidays has reduced congestion.  That means I don’t have to brake for cars on the bicycle as much as normal.  I wish sometimes, drivers would realise they’re not testing their driving skills around me, so much as I get to test my reaction times and brakes.  Anyway, I’m getting a few personal records.  It’s nice to know if the road is clear and (mostly) flat, I can cruise at a decent 35-36 kph.

Conditions are getting cooler though, so it has been this week, into the arm-warmers or long-sleeved tops.  Today’s style is a white.  In terms of carbon-virtue, I’m supposed to be reducing my carbon-emissions roughly 3.2kg per day by biking. It’s going to be time to use lights soon.

Friding 3

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  • Have you measured calculated your increased C02 emissions( plant food) from out breath /exhaling more during biking?
    When you measured your car’s emissions what equipment did you use to separate and measure carbons and C02?
    Methinks you should be biking just because as its healthy exercise and fun -they are good enough reasons .
    Especially since man’s Co2 emissions do not cause global warming or climate change that is a myth.
    Grass root movements are frequently hijacked .into astro-turfers..

  • The volume of CO2 generated to move a 66kg Hominid 20-25kph by increased respiration, is not comparable to the quantities of CO2, other green-house gases, particulates and toxic chemicals produced to move (or as it happens in Auckland often, not move) a large, heavy metal 1.5-2 ton metal box at speeds of up to 60 kph.

    Reasons to bike include reductions in the ‘point-pollution’ created by cars, the lower financial cost of traveling, the faster commute times and the reduction in congestion costs to other road users.

    • You do not measure or break down your emissions out into Co2 and other pollutants.
      Your outbreath C02( plant food ) is not “pollution” . I was being facetious .
      Man’s emission of C02 does not cause global warming. that is just a myth
      Sad you don’t cycle because its fun.
      friking Astroturfers.

  • Yes I did. Respiration is the metabolic process we use to supply energy to cells. Its byproducts are CO2 and water. It doesn’t have the toxic chemicals, small particulates or other gases described above in the combustion of hydrocarbons.

    It is also completely dishonest, utterly dishonest, and juvenile to assert I don’t cycle for fun. I *added* to your very incomplete list.