By Brendan Moyle 03/06/2016

My bike has needed a bit of serious maintenance ahead of winter. That’s handicapped the cycling this week.  Given how wet it has been, that may have been a good thing.  Anyway, it was back to my regular Friday cycling.  I pondered whether it was worth wearing leg-warmers as it was getting rather chilly.  In the end I just picked some longer socks.

The view from the northern edge of Long Bay was particularly rewarding.  We live in a beautiful city.

Haruaki Gulf and Rangitoto Island
Hauraki Gulf and Rangitoto Island – pic is actually a panoramic so please click to view it properly.


I’ve been running more this week. Rather than get into the car and join everyone else, it’s possible to take bus to work and run home. It’s much harder work than cycling. And slower. About 40 minutes for me. You can carry enough essentials in a spibelt and armband phone-holder too. But it really is harder work. I’ve discovered that however fit you are with cycling, running is a different action. There are going to be some leg muscles that are going to be required to work much harder than before. Also I’m solidly in the “Masters” category of runners which takes the edge off some of that youthful strength and and recovery time. Still, it seems valuable just for strength and endurance, to mix up the physical activity.