By Brendan Moyle 10/06/2016

The bike has a new chain and gear cables.  It helped yesterday’s ride to work. Under 16 minutes moving time.  Four new records on different segments of the ride.  Today though is Friday, and I’m back #Friding.  I could hear the rain most of the night.  The neighbour’s cat broke into the bedroom and glued himself to my legs.  He was still there when we got up.

Fortunately the rain had eased off when I made my ride in today.  It’s definitely a day for bike lights.  And a shower jacket. Number of cyclists seen riding two abreast or riding through red-lights = nil. Number of other cyclists seen also = nil.  Number of bikes in the bike-rack stand I use at work = nil. Number of cars passing me and staying 1.5m away = ha ha ha ha.


I can usually see Rangitoto Island from the top of East Coast Road.  No chance today.


I’m just ahead of the school rush.



The final leg- through a park towards work.  There are toadstools in the bottom right of the pic.


0 Responses to “Here comes the rain again – #Friding in Auckland”

  • We expect to see videos soon 🙂

    New chain often means that a new cluster is also needed 🙁

  • Yes, fortunately I got in early with the new chain to avoid that problem 🙂

    I have been pondering about mounting camera to a bike, but my cameras tend to be large and expensive. Need to figure this out…