By Brendan Moyle 19/06/2016

The teaching semester has come to an end.  I’m about to go back to Asia next weekend.  It felt like a good time to escape into some local forests and beaches.  So, it was off on the Okura Bush Walkway. 

As the goal was really, just to get away from everything and go on a hike, I kept the photography kit down. A compact travel tripod rather than my larger landscape tripod. Just the Sony a7R and a couple of lenses.  And a selection of Lee filters.

It wasn’t really optimal for photographing many subjects.  The low tide and calm sea sucked a lot of features out of the water.  The overcast conditions might have suited some waterfall photography, but they tended to mute colours and wipe detail out of the sky.  One way to offset this is to look for scenes with lots of textures and shapes.  This can often make for interesting black-and-white, or duotone scenes.

The local Pohutakawas gave me a few options.  I’ve done the photo in two variants, looking out to the Okura estuary.  It was good to spot some dotterrels out feeding also.

#1 The Duotone

#2 The Natural Scene