By Brendan Moyle 08/08/2016

I got a new lens just before I went to China.  It’s a 135mm prime. 

More specifically, it is the Sony 135mm f2.8 T4.5 STF lens.  The 135mm focal length has created a perspective I haven’t often used.  So part of the weekend goal was to practice composing photos at this length.  It also make sit easier to decide what lenses to bring when you only shoot with one lens 🙂

The shot below was taken at the Long Bay Regional Park, overlooking the Hauraki Gulf with Rangitoto island in the distance.  Fortunately it didn’t rain, or snow, all weekend long in Auckland.

And as a bonus shot, some of the beach

Photos taken with Sony a7R and 135mm f2.8 T4.5