By Brendan Moyle 22/08/2016

Sunday is my time for seascape photography. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out where the weekend goes.  But by Sunday afternoon it was time to visit a beach and absorb some of that lovely, NZ fresh air.  The cool weather means we have practically no heat haze at the moment.  That produces a nice clarity in images this time of year.  And with the weather a little more settled, there’s not much sand and spray in the air also.

I’d been to Long Bay the last couple of times.  This time I went back to Waiake.  In part I wanted to practice using my newish 135mm f2.8 STF lens.  And partly because it is a very attractive bay.

This was the view from the Tor, looking out toward Rangitoto Island.  You can make out part of the filter system I use for these shots.

The view from the Tor
Slowing the exposure down to 15 seconds, and using a full-frame camera instead of a cellphone, gave me this shot:


And because I did want to try out the 135mm lens, some shells…