By Brendan Moyle 26/08/2016

It’s not been the best week for cycling in Auckland. It’s not that you can’t bike in the rain. But I got hit with some unanticipated wet stuff, so had to dry clothes off.  I was pleased to have a good day for biking today.  Well, good in the sense it has stopped raining.  The head-wind wasn’t as appreciated.

We had a staff lunch this week. There was a lot of chocolate cake.  It was also alleged I’m uncommonly fit and lean.  I’m also the only one who commutes to work by bike.  Regularly, every week, every month, year after year.  I suspect there’s a correlation.  It does however surprise me, that even though I work at a university the numbers of people (staff and student) who come in by bike is so, incredibly low.  The point too, of the #Friding thing is to encourage people to bike to work on at least one day of the week.

The usual reason given is that cycling is seen as dangerous in Auckland.  There are a lot of cars trying to use the roads, and there’s not a lot cycle lanes.  And the few segments of cycle lanes I happen across are often used for parking cars, or as a lane for motorists wanting to turn left at intersections.  There was a nice motorist earlier this week, who did give me the recommended separation gap when passing me.  An event so unusual they were honked at by other annoyed motorists!  We could stand being a little more bike-friendly.  There’s no other mode of transport that has such a low environmental impact and is actually good for your health.

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There’s not a lot of space for cyclists at key choke points