By Brendan Moyle 18/09/2016

It’s been a while since I’ve done some bird photography.  It’s a shame because it is one of the subjects that kindled my interest in photography again.  As much as I enjoy landscape photography now, there is something about bird photography I enjoy.

Maybe it is a throwback to when I was young, and my first encounters with wildlife were the garden birds that visited.  Whatever the reason, it was a wet weekend and one that wasn’t optimal for landscape photography.  Normally landscape photography is a bit more predictable than birds.  Waterfalls after all, don’t move around much. And they’re always there.  Birds are much less predictable subjects.

I’ve also now got a camera that seems better able to cope with birds.  Albeit the gray skies, wind and rain would provide a challenge.

All photos taken with a Sony a77ii and a Minolta 300 f4 G lens, with a 1.4x TC.  The shots are all hand-held.

#1 Surprise

#2 What the…!

#3 Rain, rain, rain

#4 It’s tough without a towel

#5 Watch me fly!

#6 Whoops