By Brendan Moyle 06/10/2016

I went for a stroll a few nights ago. There’s a few patches of native bush close to us.  And with the weather getting warmer, I wanted to check out the arthropod life. And photograph it. 

Night time provides opportunities to see creatures than behave more cryptically at day. It was also a chance to practice some macrophotography at night.  For years I’ve used cameras with optical-view finders.  The a7R I’m using here, only has an electronic view finder.  That’s product of its mirrorless design.  On the other hand, it gives me 36MP of image to play with.  And the lack of an AA-filter does help the sharpness of the images.

Still, the local invertebrate population seems to be a bit on the low side.  It may be I ventured out a bit too early though.  One of the first finds was a native orbweb spider enjoying dinner.  The prey was too masticated for me to tell what it was… You do get a nice view of the ventral side of the spider here though. The cluster of spinnerets is visible halfway along the abdomen.

There was also another orbweb spider engaged in a bit of web-repair and maintenance. I like that the sticky-droplets for catching prey are visible on the threads.

The local tunnel-web population seems to be a bit on the low side at the moment.  But there are still some around. It didn’t want to come out and play.

I was hoping to see some wetas.  But these insects seem to prefer it to be even later in the evening before venturing out of their tunnels.  I’d hate for the local rate population to be decimating them however.  So I hope it is that I went out too early.


All shots above taken with Sony a7R, a Minolta 100mm f2.8 macro lens, and an HVL-MT24AM macro flash.  I also needed a torch…