By Brendan Moyle 06/12/2016

The Auckland region has a surprising number of waterfalls to view.  A great number of these are located in the Waitakere ranges.  One of the falls I’d yet to see was Karekare.  One of the reasons is it’s a bit of a distance to the falls.  And a lot of the routes involve Auckland roads that really, don’t expedite travel.  I’ve found a longer, but faster route though to the Waitakeres through Riverhead and Taupaki.  The view along that route is nicer too.

The route to Karekare takes you down a narrow winding road down to the coast.  Once you’re at the carpark by the beach, it’s a short walk to see the waterfall.  It’s attractive and impressive. These shot were taken with my Sony a7R, and either the Minolta 50mm f2.8 Macro or the 17-35mm f3.5 G.  I’m finding the a7R to be a superb tool for landscape photography.

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Karekare Waterfall


The Curtain


I also quite liked the way the trees framed this stream shot.