By Brendan Moyle 21/04/2017

The Cyclone

Last Thursday (13th April) Cyclone Cook arrived.  As a precaution, places in Auckland closed. Including Massey’s Albany campus at 11.00 am.  In the end the path of the Cyclone (for Auckland) was a little too easterly and we escaped most of the havoc.  Bad weather also can generate interesting seascapes, so I decided to try my luck at Long Bay Regional Park, before the Cyclone was due to hit.  I’d got some nice shots when Cyclone Pam had passed by a couple of years ago.

With the tide also relatively low, I expected I could position myself well away from the water’s edge if necessary. And escape if things got too exciting.

The Gear

I was traveling relatively light in case I needed to end things early.  There was the tripod obviously.  I’m a fan of Carbon-Fibre tripods.  They dampen vibrations well, and with possible high winds, it could be necessary.  I couldn’t decide which camera to take, so I took both.  The Sony a7R with a Minolta 17-35mm f3.5 G lens.  And the Sony a77ii with a Sony 135mm T4.5 STF lens.  Plus of course, some filters.  The idea was that the a7R would cover the wide angle shots, while the a77ii would let me do the close up shots.

The Photos

All the photos below can be ‘clicked’ to bring up a larger version.  All of the shots below have had an ND filter applied to slow the shutter down.  This captures some of the motion in the water, rather than ‘freezing it’.

Rangitoto Island is partly covered by clouds on the right edge of the horizon.  The swell is not very high at the moment.  The Cyclone is passing to the west.

A larger sweep of the beach at Long Bay

For a bit of drama I converted some of the close up shots to black and white.


In the end, the Cyclone passed too far to the East to really impact on Auckland and the Hauraki Gulf.  This would have come as a great relief to emergency services in Auckland and most residents! The shots above are interesting seascapes, but without the drama I’d hoped to get.  Doubtlessly with ongoing climate change, there will be other opportunities.

The photos above have all been uploaded to my online gallery also.