Chthonic Wildlife Ramblings

You can’t keep the crazy down

Brendan Moyle Sep 19, 2011

Readers with long attention-spans will know that I acquired a female stalker (Dawn Gordon) last year. The depth and strength of her attachment has been sustained. Unlike the notorious David Mabus (who demonstrated that in Canada, you apparently have a license to threaten scientists and skeptics with death for years; but not if you issue that same threat against … Read More


Evolution of Altruism

Brendan Moyle Dec 28, 2010

Altruism is one of those delightful things about biology that at the outset, doesn’t make a lot of sense. The concept of altruism is that an organism undertakes actions that come at some cost or risk to it, but these benefit another organism. This altruism can take elaborate forms in social animals, and in humans, be codified as a system … Read More


Crazy Creationists Unleashed #4

Brendan Moyle Nov 23, 2010

From the “yes, they really think that” files, we have this assertion from a @Dunnam0127 who has decided that humans have not evolved. This appeared to be the entire argument for why humans and chimps have not evolved from a common ancestor.  As an argument goes, well, that’s a pretty generous description. It depends entirely on two popular Creationist … Read More


The Myanmar Connection

Brendan Moyle Nov 22, 2010

Associated Press released this story in the weekend. Wildlife group targets Myanmar-China tiger trade BANGKOK (AP) – Wildlife trafficking officials say they have reached a preliminary agreement with an ethnic minority group in Myanmar to close down markets where hundreds of poached tigers from across Asia are sold for use in purported medicines and aphrodisiacs in China. This is … Read More


Monday Morning Macro

Brendan Moyle Nov 22, 2010

This is a shot of an orbweb spider in daytime, hence it is huddling in a perch, trying to stay camouflaged. This can be quite effective.  It’s also a female if you care about such things. For this shot I had combined a 50mm prime lens with my macro lens for increased magnification. Click for larger image … Read More

Tiger Tips for Reporters

Brendan Moyle Nov 19, 2010

In view of the Tiger Summit starting soon in St Petersburg, I thought a few pointers for reporters wanting to write stories on tigers might help 🙂 Okay, number 1. White tigers are not a subspecies of tiger. They are a genetic mutant that is thrown up in all subspecies from time-to-time. Siberian- or Amur- tigers, are not in fact, … Read More


Tiger Summit Preliminaries

Brendan Moyle Nov 18, 2010

The latest Tiger Summit is going to begin in St Petersburg on the 21st of November. This has been heralded as yet another last ditch attempt to prevent the extinction of tigers in the wild. There may be no animal that has received more conservation attention than the tiger, for little actual gain. The thing about tigers is that there … Read More


Monday Macro- Trilobite

Brendan Moyle Nov 15, 2010

Trilobites first appeared in the geological column in the Cambrian era  (543 to 490 mya). They were an enormously successful group of animals, with some 5000 genera and over 30,000 described species. Many of the trilobites became extinct during the great late Devonian extinction (c 360 mya) . The last of the trilobites became extinct in the even greater Permian-Triassic … Read More


Crazy Creationists Unleashed #3

Brendan Moyle Nov 11, 2010

Hoping that everybody has recovered from the last foray into the crazy world of creationism, this is another mirthful assertion from @joecienkowski Hmm. Wow. That’s just stupid. Really stupid and wrong. This has nothing to do at all with punctuated equilibrium. The fossil evolutionary record shows that the modern-bird went through many transitional forms. Feathers appeared relatively early on- … Read More