Chthonic Wildlife Ramblings

Tiger poaching thoughts again…

Brendan Moyle Nov 10, 2010

One of the side events to the CBD meeting in Nagoya was a tiger conservation event. I’m going to assume everyone knows by now that tigers are in deep, deep trouble (form a conservation perspective). Their wild population is now estimated to be about 3200 animals, where was a century ago it was an estimated 100,000 animals. The tiger conservation … Read More


You can’t have too much of a good thing

Brendan Moyle Nov 10, 2010

…when they’re crocodiles. Most of these photos were taken at the Mary River up in the Northern Territory. This stretch of water has one of the highest densities of estuarine crocodiles in the world. All of this speaks to the remarkable conservation success with crocodiles. It also says something about the remarkable resilience of these animals as well. They’re survived … Read More

A quiet day working on my photo website

Brendan Moyle Nov 08, 2010

Wildlife photography is something that should keep you outside a lot, but there’s also a fair bit of computer work attached to it also.  This is really a consequence of the digital age. My photo website is one of these enduring, ongoing works-of-love.  So I spent some of Sunday night playing around with a new format.  Plus I’ve  mucked … Read More

Friday Bird Photo: Poaka

Brendan Moyle Nov 05, 2010

The poaka or pied stilt is common around many of our coasts. It perversely, contributed to the decline in our native black stilt by inter-breeding and hybridising with it. It has the one thing photographers- especially in the digital age- dislike. That is both black and white feathers. This generates a challenge to expose correctly, more so than if you … Read More


Crazy Creationists Unleashed #2

Brendan Moyle Nov 03, 2010

Continuing my adventures in la-la land, this week I thought I’d have a look at this gem from @Starchasr Crazy Creationists 2 This is from an Old-Earth Creationist, so he accepts that the earth is very old but denies that any evolution has taken place. That’s why he’s made the claim. Apparently animals have remained unchanged. Sadly, anyone with a … Read More


Precautionary Principle & Biodiversity Thoughts

Brendan Moyle Nov 02, 2010

A lot of conservation decisions are difficult as a consequence of poor knowledge.  Often we don’t actually know a lot about the population size of endangered wildlife, crucial gaps will persist about their biology (breeding, diet, distribution etc) and the responses of people to changes in the management can be very hard to predict.  These knowledge problems can persist for … Read More