Chthonic Wildlife Ramblings

Crazy Creationists Unleashed #2

Brendan Moyle Nov 03, 2010

Continuing my adventures in la-la land, this week I thought I’d have a look at this gem from @Starchasr Crazy Creationists 2 This is from an Old-Earth Creationist, so he accepts that the earth is very old but denies that any evolution has taken place. That’s why he’s made the claim. Apparently animals have remained unchanged. Sadly, anyone with a … Read More


Precautionary Principle & Biodiversity Thoughts

Brendan Moyle Nov 02, 2010

A lot of conservation decisions are difficult as a consequence of poor knowledge.  Often we don’t actually know a lot about the population size of endangered wildlife, crucial gaps will persist about their biology (breeding, diet, distribution etc) and the responses of people to changes in the management can be very hard to predict.  These knowledge problems can persist for … Read More


Monday Morning Macro- 1 November

Brendan Moyle Nov 01, 2010

This is a spider photo, which I actually took at Singapore Zoo. The novel feature I guess of this photo, is I didn’t have a proper macro lens to make the shot. So this is using a combination of a 70-200/4 lens and a achromatic diopter, with of course, a flash. In effect, I’m having to improvise. Which is a … Read More


Today’s crocodile photo

Brendan Moyle Oct 29, 2010

Sometimes it’s good to remember that some endangered species have made a very good recovery. The Estuarine crocodile- sometimes called the saltie in Australia- has sustained large increases in population in Papua New Guinea and Australia since the 1980s.  This species is the largest of all the crocodilian species still extant. Clicking the image will bring up a … Read More


Chasing the early morning light

Brendan Moyle Oct 27, 2010

One of the delights of photographing in Spring (and also Autumn) is the way the light becomes somewhat more vivid and clearer. This shot was taken out on the Hauraki Gulf early last week, just as the sun was rising. One of the tricks to taking these photos is to use a graduated ND filter to preserve more of the … Read More

Tuesday Morning Crocodile Photo

Brendan Moyle Oct 26, 2010

One of the advantages to being in a small boat to photograph crocodiles, is the ability to compose shots of the animal swimming towards you.  This is also where having a competent lookout is handy too. This shot is from the Mary River up in the Northern Territory of Australia.  I was using an a700 with a 300/4 G prime … Read More