Chthonic Wildlife Ramblings

Sunday Seascape – 4 September

Brendan Moyle Sep 04, 2016

This week I got out to Te Henga (Bethells Beach) for some photography.  I’ve not previously managed to get out there, despite a couple of visits to Lake Wainamu.  One of the motivating reasons was the weather on Tuesday was near perfect in Auckland.  The clear skies and almost total lack of clouds in the morning also meant my waterfall … Read More

Just another manic #Friding

Brendan Moyle Aug 26, 2016

It’s not been the best week for cycling in Auckland. It’s not that you can’t bike in the rain. But I got hit with some unanticipated wet stuff, so had to dry clothes off.  I was pleased to have a good day for biking today.  Well, good in the sense it has stopped raining.  The head-wind wasn’t as appreciated. We … Read More

Back to #Friding

Brendan Moyle Jun 03, 2016

My bike has needed a bit of serious maintenance ahead of winter. That’s handicapped the cycling this week.  Given how wet it has been, that may have been a good thing.  Anyway, it was back to my regular Friday cycling.  I pondered whether it was worth wearing leg-warmers as it was getting rather chilly.  In the end I just picked … Read More

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