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Brendan Moyle Jun 03, 2016

My bike has needed a bit of serious maintenance ahead of winter. That’s handicapped the cycling this week.  Given how wet it has been, that may have been a good thing.  Anyway, it was back to my regular Friday cycling.  I pondered whether it was worth wearing leg-warmers as it was getting rather chilly.  In the end I just picked … Read More

10 Facts About Crocodiles

Brendan Moyle Jun 02, 2016

As possibly the only New Zealander to be a member of the IUCN Crocodile Specialist Group, it seemed timely to introduce a few facts about crocodiles. All photos below were taken with me during work (except for the alligator at the bottom) in the Northern Territory of Australia.  I had lookouts to help take the photos… The Estuarine crocodile is … Read More

Friday means #Friding

Brendan Moyle Apr 15, 2016

I was pleased to find the weather was so conducive to cycling.  Sunny without the heat and humidity of February.  A nice chill in the air.  I broke out the arm warmers. Today’s look was canary yellow.  I like to persuade myself motorists will see me. It was oddly peaceful, wheels spinning as I glided down … Read More

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