Chthonic Wildlife Ramblings

Still biking – a fun ride for the Auckland Bike Challenge

Brendan Moyle Feb 09, 2016

Gave the bike a quick clean-down on Sunday.  By Monday it was back out for a fun/fitness ride.  It’s much nicer biking on Auckland roads on major holidays too.  Motorists were thin on the ground and I could crank the speed up. According to the Auckland Bike Challenge though, you only get carbon-emission savings calculated for rides to or from … Read More

The Auckland Bike Challenge: Day 1 (Wheels of Death Edition)

Brendan Moyle Feb 03, 2016

For those of you residing in Auckland, there is currently a biking challenge for this month. It’s just about getting more people on bikes this month in Auckland. Now that I’m actually back in New Zealand (yeah, I’ve been overseas a lot), I thought I’d sign up. I mean, I like to bike anyway.  Compared to fieldwork in China, … Read More

China expedition – bile and bear farms

Brendan Moyle Dec 11, 2015

Wifi isn’t so good on this trip.  Finding a signal to upload posts has become tricky. I can’t upload photos with these speeds either.  Nonetheless, it’s good to hear news from home when we do get a signal! Looking at the weather in Beijing, we feel fortunate to be working in Mudanjiang. The sky yesterday was clear and blue, and … Read More