Chthonic Wildlife Ramblings

China expedition – bile and bear farms

Brendan Moyle Dec 11, 2015

Wifi isn’t so good on this trip.  Finding a signal to upload posts has become tricky. I can’t upload photos with these speeds either.  Nonetheless, it’s good to hear news from home when we do get a signal! Looking at the weather in Beijing, we feel fortunate to be working in Mudanjiang. The sky yesterday was clear and blue, and … Read More

Sunday Seascape 29 November

Brendan Moyle Nov 30, 2015

We’ve had some lovely days in Auckland. So I have actually left the computer behind, and gone out to take photos.  This feels even more important of late, as I’m about to go back to China to do more fieldwork.  One thing China tends not to have, is scenes like the Hauraki Gulf.  Especially in winter. North Head in Devonport … Read More

Back to the cold

Brendan Moyle Nov 08, 2015

Well, in December I make my next expedition overseas.  It’ll be my sixth trip in the last 12 months, and like all the others, up in the Northern Hemisphere.  More specifically, China. I’m heading to the far north so it’ll be very cold.  So that’s a whole lot closer.  This is adding up to a lot of hours in … Read More

A trip to Fairy Falls

Brendan Moyle Oct 25, 2015

My last two attempts to photograph the Fairy Falls (in the Waitekere Ranges) were thwarted by the weather. On the first occasion, bright sunlight blew out the highlights on the water. On the second occasion, it rained. On Wednesday we had rain and bouts of bright sunshine. But the bits in between worked out okay. I have discovered that most … Read More

Counting Ivory: Does it add up?

Brendan Moyle Oct 22, 2015

The publicity the illegal trade in ivory gets is at the moment, running high.  By way of background, the estimated numbers of elephants being illegal killed in African range states, ranges from 25,000 to 35,000 a year.  That means- roughly- there is about 250-350 tons of raw ivory being harvested by poachers annually.  The average weight of a tusk is … Read More

Hawkes Bay Waterfalls: Maraetotara

Brendan Moyle Sep 19, 2015

I think I am getting more efficient with my waterfall photography.  The car boot almost always has a tripod, some rope, and some hiking gaiters ready.  Then it’s just a matter of bringing a camera and some appropriate lenses.  In August, I was over in Napier.  With my afternoons free, it was a chance to do some exploring. One of … Read More