Major earthquake in Samoa, 8.3

By Grant Jacobs 30/09/2009

Quick post: There has been an 8.3 earthquake near Samoa.


Best wishes to anyone in Samoa, or with family or friends there.

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  • Saw the tsunami warnings, too. I agree, don’t head for the beach. I suspect the ODT is keener than most to warn people do to go to the beach to look, as apparently the last major tsunami warning (many years) ago, many people wandered down to Ocean beach (the St. Kilda / St. Clair beaches) to check it out…!! As Homer would say, D’oh.
    [Updated dated for minor typing error.]

  • Grant – had lunch today with friends from Dunedin & one was saying the same – there’d been a real fuss (I think it was in 1967) when a bunch of teachers (!) took their classes down to the beach to see the tsunami come in… Apparently another group treated the whole thing rather more seriously & took their charges to the hills instead.
    I’ll be glad when my friend in Samoa lets us know he’s OK…

  • Hi Alison,

    That’s the one I was thinking of. In a more recent warning alert, the ODT reprinted a photo from the much earlier one showing people down at the jetty checking it out… Good luck for your friend in Samoa.