Digital smiles

By Grant Jacobs 16/10/2009

I have a nightmare vision of a near-future world of inane smiles.

It’s all the fault of a recent digital camera review which says “some new cameras have a smile shutter, which automatically takes a picture when it detects a smile”.

A future where every photo is adorned with uniform happiness?

No sulks after she got dumped by the surfer.

No sloppy sadness at a lame puppy outside the café.

No exhausted look on the hero’s face look after the match.

No grimace at the mouldy thing she found in the shed.

No terror on seeing the fake spider he sneaked onto her dress.

No flash of anger at her spilling the pasta sauce on his La-Z-Boy.

No frustration when he can never beat her at table-tennis.

No blank boredom from watching the five-day cricket match for her guy.


Wouldn’t you want to remember your friends as they were?

© Grant Jacobs, all rights reserved.