World air traffic flow

By Grant Jacobs 06/11/2009

Air traffic flow around the world for 24 hours:

(Video of 24-hour traffic flow on earth.)

I don’t know about you, but looking at the USA and Europe at peak times is kind-of scary.

This video reminds me of being in the larger international airports watching them fire off ‘plane after ‘plane into the sky.

Memories of airports… Being fourth in a line launched military style in Singapore. The craziest airport I’ve seen? Easily Sheremetyevo in Moscow. Utter chaos.

Longest runway I’ve landed on? Tashkent (the capital of Uzbekistan) in a Tupolev from Novosibirsk (in central Siberia; I went to a bioinformatics conference there and was travelling after the meeting). I believe it’s the longest runway in the world. We flew over it for ages before they brought the plane down, then when we got out, it stretched out miles further. Don’t ask me what model Tupolev it was, I’m not a plane spotter, but I’d pick it as a Tu-154 if pushed. Incredibly noisy brute that barely made it into the air, it shook violently and audibly strained as we took off.

Then.. hmm.

If I keep thinking along these lines I’ll start dreaming up some crazy adventure… better finish this post before I start reaching for that huge atlas of mine…

I’m not sure if the aspect ratio is messed up in the embedding. If you don’t like it, or want a larger image, just start the video, then click in the middle of the video and you’ll get taken to the original at YouTube.

Oh, and feel free to share travel stories!

(Hat tip: Isis.)