Kiwi twitter power-allwhites hit #2 trend for day, worldwide

By Grant Jacobs 15/11/2009

[Not science related.]

Let’s repeat that: Kiwis twittering on ‘allwhites’ hit the #2 trend for the day on twitter, worldwide.

Just shows that little New Zealand has a decent presence on twitter and they’re collaborative enthusiastic bods who get together and get a trend going. Here’s the graph that shows the state of things at about 1am, from tweetstats:


If you look further down the graph, there’s also ‘New Zealand’, ‘World Cup’ and ‘All Whites’.

Great advertising for the country. As @Wordontheweb put it: #allwhites & twitter have introduced people to the concept of New Zealand tonight. Online marketing win! Absolutely.

There seem to be a number of confused foreigners, though. A small number of people thought it had something to do with racism. You’d have to wonder what these people would say if the All Blacks trended on twitter!

Then there’s this: Whoa, some people think #allwhites about washing? Come on people! – I laughed til I cried! Oh, well… you can see where they’re coming from…

For any confused readers, the All Whites are our national football (soccer) team, who just beat Bahrain 1-0 to qualify for the main event of the Football World Cup to be held in South Africa in 2010. ‘Kiwis’ are us, New Zealanders.

I’d be keen to see the $10 million that this earns from FIFA used to lift the local game. It’d make a great change from endless rugby.

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