Study of where academic careers lead

By Grant Jacobs 17/11/2009

Just a quick follow-on of sorts from my earlier post Universities and (lack of) showcasing use of science degrees I’d like to point out an ‘Issues & Perspectives’ article from the Science Careers section of Science By Beryl Lieff Benderly: “Taken for Granted: Shocked, Shocked! to Find Disappointment on Campus”.

It’s an interesting (re)examination of the academic careers, the reality, the rewards, what-have-you. Well-written and worth reading, it opens quoting from Cascablanca (what else?), then:

“Academic scientists may not always match Rick in glamour or sex appeal. A great many of them, however, resemble him in the important respect that they, too, got bad information about the places where they ended up making their careers. But now, thanks to Lives in Science, sociologist Joseph Hermanowicz’s penetrating new study of careers in academic science, people aiming for faculty positions have no excuse for such confusion.”

Hat tip: Bora, via twitter.

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