Snake coughs up new species

By Grant Jacobs 28/11/2009

New species are found all sorts of ways. In the case of British scientist Dr Andrew Marshall working in Tanzania a startled snake trying to escape spat out a new species of chameleon (see photo).

New species of chameleon
New species of chameleon (Source: York University)

To give some idea of scale, the twig is about the thickness of your thumb. He (she?) is a cute little guy.

I love the dry British humour in the report in the Daily Mail: “Obviously chameleons are very well camouflaged. You walk through the forest and tend not to see them.”

To be fair, he’s referring to the fact that in the 11 years he’s been there, it’s the first he’s seen.

Chameleons’ skinny legs always remind me of Kermit the frog. Same for you?

(I have to admit this article brings back childhood dreams of studying animals in remote places. I read way to much Gerald Durrell.)

Update: A better photograph can be seen on the The Great Beyond blog at Nature.

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