£5,000 for poem on a medical subject

By Grant Jacobs 01/12/2009

The Hippocrates Prize offers £5,000 for the best poem on a medical subject. There’s an international category and an NHS category for UK National Health Services employees.

£5,000 is a decent bit o’ cash for a poem, so why not give it go?

This prize is offered by the University of Warwick and is to be judged by poet Dannie Abse, NHS Medical Director Sir Bruce Keogh and broadcaster and James Naughtie, as explained in a podcast on the University website.

For those that are hard-of-hearing or who just prefer to read rather than listen, some of the details can be found in the University of Warwick’s press release.

In particular, the interpretation of the meaning of ‘medicine’ will be of use to those considering entering:

Professor Donald Singer,  Professor in Clinical Pharmacology at Warwick Medical School and President of the Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine,  said the term ‘medical’ could be interpreted in the widest sense.

He said: ’This includes the nature of the body and anatomy; the history, evolution, current and future state of medical science; the nature and experience of tests; the experience of doctors, nurses and other staff in hospitals and in the community. Other topics might include the experience of patients, families, friends and carers; the experiences of acute and long-term illness and dying, of birth, of cure and convalescence; the patient journey; the nature and experience of treatment with herbs, chemicals and devices used in medicine.’

Good luck!

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