Science book suggestions for Christmas

By Grant Jacobs 03/12/2009

If you’ve got a scientist in the family–or a bright spark wanting to be one–here’s a few websites listing some ideas. I suspect you’re a bit late for ordering from the like of Amazon, so you might have to resort to trotting around the better bookshops… good way of killing time anyway!

The Royal Society Prizes for Science Books 2009

Seed magasine’s suggestions

Sense about science blog’s list

Books I’ve previewed or reviewed this year:

Buried alive

Victorian Popularizers of Science (bit specialised and expensive, good for science communicators)

Best American Science Writing 2009 (particularly recommended)

About Face

A selection of books others here have reviewed this year (I’ve bound to have missed a few):

Stiff : the curious lives of human cadavers

Death’s Acre: Beyond the Body Farm

The Tangled Bank (more for readers interested in evolution, rather than scientists)

The Crucible of Consciousness

If you’re looking for books on atheism, Ken’s blog and this website might be a good starting point.

Readers are welcome to add their own recommendations or ideas in the  comments.

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