potpourri: homeopathy, journalism masterclasses & open access

By Grant Jacobs 17/12/2009

A potpourri of links to blogs worth checking out. I’m too busy today to write an original post for you, some blog articles worth checking out…

Over the years I’ve read a fair bit about homeopathy. This blog article is a good explanation of what is meant by homeopathy that is consistent with my own understanding of it. It’s worth understanding what is actually meant by it, even if you think it’s a strange notion.

According to the Guardian, the is BBC to offer their journalism masterclasses free online.

This is tied to the official launch of the BBC Academy, the corporation’s dedicated centre of excellence for training in journalism, production, leadership and technology.

Also it’s interesting to see them remark “The BBC will also team up with ITV to give people with disabilities a greater chance to find employment within the media industry”, as I wrote recently about minorities, disabilities and science.

There’s a catch though (isn’t there always one?): “The site will be available free within the UK, and by subscription elsewhere.” So maybe us outside of the UK will have to pay after all… oh, well… I guess at least British journalists or science communicators will like this.

I wonder what the subscription fees will be for the rest of us?

The NIH requires that it’s researchers publish in open-access journals, or at least deposit the papers into an open-access archive within a year of publication. It’s the only US agency that requires this.

Now there is a public feedback initiative on how other agencies should proceed with open-access of science publications. This and other information are pooled at an article at ArsTechnica.

One distinction raised is the data as opposed to the publications behind the research; currently focus is on the latter, i.e. only the publications are required to be open-access.

It might be worth exploring these initiatives (which includes blogs where you can give your feedback) for nuggets for your own country. NZ included, of course!

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