For those interested science journalism

By Grant Jacobs 03/01/2010

You may wish to check out Bora Zivkovic’s post Journalism at ScienceOnline2010. (Bora may be better known on-line to some as ‘Coturnix’; apparently this is the genus name for quail. He sometimes writes very very long blog posts and is the meeting organiser.)

Besides introducing the talks, Bora also provides a long list of interesting articles on science journalism, mostly by the speakers. Do dig in: it’s a great list that’ll keep you busy for quite a while! (I’ve listed a few of my own more modest efforts below.)

There are links to wiki discussions that you’ll want to read and join in with. (See the ‘Discuss here’ links in the conference program on the conference wiki site. You’ll need to register to the wiki to join in.)

I have to admit that the more I learn about this meeting, the more that I wish I were able to attend. Aside from that my budget doesn’t extend to randomly flying around the world to whatever meetings strike me, the early promotion lead me to think it was a small gathering without much content so I didn’t pursue it with much interest. Many of the topics are ones that I have thought about over the past year or two and I have no doubt it’ll be informative for those attending to hear the thoughts of experienced people in this area. It looks as if it’ll be a great event (congratulations in advance to Bora for putting it together) and while I don’t personally know any of the participants, I wish them all the best and hope that one day I’ll be able to attend and meet some of them.

A selection of science journalism posts on Code for life:

Media thought: Ask what is known, not the expert’s opinion

Scientists on TV: referees of evidence or expert’s opinion?

Genetic tests and personalised medicine, some science communication issues

Three kinds of knowledge about science journalism

Science journalism–critical analysis not debate

Note to science communicators–alleles, not “disease genes”

Sidebar scientists

Scientists can’t write?

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  • You have roughly 12 months to save $$ for a flight to the USA, for the fifth annual ScienceOnline2011! And if you volunteer to lead a kick-ass session, we may be able to offer a little bit of financial help.

    I hope you follow this one virtually and comment on what you see at the conference in various online places you frequent.

    Also thanks for the one-stop-shopping list to your posts – that’s a good bunch.

  • Thanks Bora (coturnix).

    I’ll be following it on-line, although as it’s clashing with a major grant application my time will be a bit constrained.

    About the “shopping list” of posts: it’s only a subset of them actually, so it’s not quite “one-stop”.

    I maintain my “more posts” lists manually partly so that I might tailor them to what’s likely to interest the readers of the main article. Dodgy thing, second-guessing the audience’s desires, but…

    I’ve got a quite a few more in the pipeline. Can’t stand it: the ideas grow faster than my time and typing (and writing) ability can cope with! (I can’t understand why people talk about writer’s block. Just kidding.)

    Other readers: I’d welcome comments on my thoughts so do feel free to speak up. Registration is a nuisance (and not my call; I argued for sciblogs not to, at least in the early stage while traffic was low), but once it’s done you’re free to engage with anyone here 🙂

  • […] communication posts to following events at the ScienceOnline2010 conference. (For more links see my earlier post on this meeting.) Commentary and reporting, of sorts, in place of opinions for a little while. No […]