Scientific baking. Great for those lab meetings or kids' parties.

By Grant Jacobs 05/01/2010

(Is there really a difference between lab meetings pig-outs and kids’ parties?)

Maybe to kick off the first meeting of your research team or department for the year, you could try a little thematic baking?

Here’s a some food for thought. (C’mon, c’mon, pun intended!)

Mitotic donuts (via Pharyngula):


or culture dish cookies (via bioemphemera):


The original is from the aptly named Not so humble pie, who also bring us baked Drosophila melanogaster (fruit flies):




laboratory mice:


and even gingerbread scientists:


These are biology-themed, but I’m sure my talented readers can come up with bakery that suits their own disciplines. Not so humble pie opens the challenge with atomistic cookies.

Not so humble pie is onto something here… There are plenty more if you search for “biology cookie” at her site. She’s even got a scientific cookie roundup, which showcases the efforts of others (just published yesterday).

If you think you can out-do these, send me a picture and I’ll feature it!

Get baking… your colleagues (or kids) will thank you.

PS: Not so humble pie has some serious food too. Check that out too.

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