Career ruminations

By Grant Jacobs 10/01/2010

While I drum up today’s post, those of you who enjoy ruminating where careers take you, have taken you and might take you yet, there is an interesting post and a great discussion over at Nature Network by cell biologist and writer Jennifer Rohn, In which it all happened, on her Mind the Gap blog. (She’s also the author of a novel, Experimental Heart, based on a laboratory setting.)

Before anyone tries to draw parallels, my situation isn’t the same as Jennifer’s, but as someone who works outside of universities who would love to get a research grant, and who–like most people–has had his own career turning points, I can certainly empathise. (If anyone is curious my interests, on the biology side, are in genomics/epigenetics/chromatin biology: “genome architecture” and it’s role in gene regulation.)

There’s also computer scientist Mark Chu-Carroll’s Academia vs Industry: an Updated Opinion. Although he focused on computer scientists in academia or industry, some of what he writes has it’s equivalent for most other disciplines.

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