Blogimmuniqué: Open commenting trial at Code for life blog

By Grant Jacobs 12/01/2010

Just a quick post to let readers know that, for a short while at least, commenting is “open” on Code for life. That’s to say you don’t need to register in order to comment. Just enter an alias, your email address and bather away.

Don’t worry if the original post you’re replying to is old: your comment will come to the top of the comments list so others will see it. Also, I’ll try reply to all those that write. (Within limits!)

Several of my posts are intended as discussion items. I’ve listed a few of these below. For more, use the Archive to the right-hand side of this post.

Don’t be put off by me stating my own take on things fairly firmly. I’m just trying to state them clearly. I’m open to other’s ideas or shifting my views with new evidence; let me know what your thoughts on the topic are.

For those  confused by my coined word blogimmuniqué, see my previous blogimmuniqué for an explanation.

A sample of discussion posts on Code for Life:

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Framing or explaining?: don’t frame the science itself (for science writers or journalists: for more posts in this theme, see the links at the end of the post)

Developing bioinformatics methods: by who and how (for computational biologists; more computational posts lists listed at the end of this post)

Blogimmuniqué (ideas for what to do with this blog)


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Banished from science writing. Words, that is.

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