For those attempting to follow ScienceOnline2010 from afar

By Grant Jacobs 15/01/2010

Here’s a few of pointers to following the ScienceOnline2010 conference that I’ve been able to rustle up so far. FriendFeed is likely to be the best bet as it’s (more-or-less) real time and allows for reply comments and discussions “on the side”.

Keep an eye on the ScienceOnline2010 blog. Since you’re already reading blogs, this one should be easy!

Watch new reports as they are added to the BlogMedia coverage page of the ScienceOnline2010 wiki. New reports are added to the top of this page. There is already an indecent number of posts on the meeting and it’s yet to start! (If you’re trying the latter link to get to the top page of the wiki, click on the top banner reading “ScienceOnline2010″ to get past the “splash” page with the sponsors logos on it.)

Follow the twitter and FriendFeed dialogs on the meeting. I have a vision of a few dozen laptops pouring out messages while the sessions are on…! For those who haven’t tried twitter or FriendFeed before, registration is easy and free. It was new to me until only a few months ago too, so don’t be put off.

Individuals are likely to report particular sessions on their own FriendFeed streams. I’m not personally aware of who is doing what on this account and I’m out of time to poke around more. I’ll let you know if I discover any feeds that look particularly informative (but don’t hold your breath).

Please do mention any useful sites or feeds you find in the comments below for the sake of other readers.

I will try to write the odd bit myself to point at useful discussions, but my time is very limited at the moment.

0 Responses to “For those attempting to follow ScienceOnline2010 from afar”

  • Grant – won’t there also be a search hashtag so that one can follow all the other accounts as well?

  • Sorry for not giving the tag explicitly, I just gave an URL that included the twitter hashtag as a search term. (I hoped this was easier on those not familiar with twitter.)

  • I mentioned in an earlier post that she’ll be at the meeting. I can’t recall her saying publicly if she intended to “cover” the meeting via twitter; I didn’t want to speak for her. She’s got her own blog for that… 😉