Live broadcasts from ScienceOnline2010

By Grant Jacobs 16/01/2010

Go to this link. UPDATE: Most talks are going to be streamed via this URL, so just tune in. (If the screen goes “blue”, there’s a chance that it’s at their end, so don’t panic! The internet isn’t flawless…)

(HT: @Kubke, via twitter.)

There is also a concurrent chat stream you can sign into.

Sound bites so far (via #scio10 hashtag at twitter).

Michael Specter: “A boy born in Bangalore today will live longer than a man born on Park Avenue 100 years ago.”

Michael Specter: “180000 people died of measles last year–just no one Jenny McCarthy knew.”

Michael Specter: “I’m easily bored. I’m a journalist.”

This twitter stream is moving so fast, I can hardly keep up…!

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  • Further update: one place to find “live” FriendFeed comments on the talks or workshops is to look at scibling @Kubke’s friendfeed, e.g.

    Hunt around and you’ll find something like, for example:

    #scio10 podcasting 101

    Click on it and you’ll have a comment “stream” that she’s updating as the talk progresses.

    Great effort on her part. I couldn’t even start to try that! 😉

  • I’d encourage people to follow the live video stream and twitter (if you can keep up — there’s a huge amount of commentary!)

    Fabiana Kubke’s talk has come and gone but it will be on YouTube apparently, as will all the presentations from what I gather.

    Lots and lots to think about.

    I’ve another post lined up, which I might yet pop up, but it really just says what this comment does…

  • Some of this is hilarious, e.g. reporting on one talk:

    highlyanne Q: “do you check your Twitter feed or pee first in the morning?” Silence, then a brave soul: “Both at same time.” Relieved Laughter. #scio10

    (Also: Relieved laughter? Groan.)

  • Apparently the talks will be put up on YouTube over the next few days. I’ll keep you posted on this, but I image searching with ‘scienceonline2010’ will bring the talks up when they are available.