Blog post about blog posts with comments about comments

By Grant Jacobs 27/01/2010

Heads’ up: although the post this points to is hosted on a science-related blog, it has nothing to do with science. This is a deviation from normal service, which will resume when the madness of grant writing ends.

Just a little light relief.

It’s midweek, I’m working, you’re working. Aren’t you? What are you doing reading this blog? What am I doing writing this blog? We’re bored, right?

cc2This blog post, from Coyote Crossing, is an excellent meta-referential post about blog posts, particularly the kind that tries to promote herself by showing off her blogstraps. It is getting entirely more traffic than it deserves owing to the blogstraps it reveals.

Erm, no. Let me take that back. The bit about the blogstraps.

Seriously (I really mean seriously), it’s a fine post introspecting some styles of blogs, with the comment section brilliantly following in tune. It’s great when a “community” effort likes this pans out and everyone joins in so well. (Yes, I’ve added a comment to the ever-going list.)

On another note, this author’s blog got so popular (~2,500 visits/hour), that the hosting company pointed out that they’d bill extra for the excess traffic. Poor sod. Hopefully enough time has passed that their traffic has fallen to more sane levels that aren’t costing them by now. I’d feel guilty writing this post otherwise. It’s not as if I could send many readers their way given how few come my way…

HT: bioephemera.