Ecuadorian Amazonians see Avatar (in 3-D)

By Grant Jacobs 30/01/2010

What would people who have an history and culture based on living in the forests of the Amazon think of James Cameron’s film, Avatar?

avatar-movie-smllWould they see themselves, their people or history echoed in it?

It’s an intriguing thought.

This short video below (4:03 minutes), produced by Siegmund Thies, follows the journey of a bus-load of Amazonians down from the heavily forested hills to bustling Quito, the capital city of Ecuador, where they watch the film in 3-D. After viewing the movie a few of the Amazonian audience are briefly interviewed.

You can’t help hoping this is a pilot or short for a full documentary.

For more on the movie, scibling Alison Campbell recently reviewed Avatar and enjoyed the presentation but queried some of the science. I have written slightly grumpily speaking for those who can see in 3-D! (I also describe viewing earlier 3-D molecular graphics.) Abhishek Tiwari looks at issues of storing and pipelining the data involved in creating the movie.

I have to admit watching the bus travel down those streets gets the travel bug going!

(Not science-related: it’s the weekend and I’m still working on that grant application!)

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