Eureka's top 30 blog; vote for top 100

By Grant Jacobs 05/02/2010

Times On-line’s Eureka science magazine has released it’s list of it’s top 30 blogs.

microscope-stampsWe’ve all got own own favourites, see anyone’s blogroll. Mine are listed to the right of this article. It’s easy to get locked into the ones you habitually visit. Trying others’ lists opens up new possibilities. Explore Eureka’s list, there might be some that appeal to you.

You can also send votes to them to recommend others. Go on, recommend You know you want to! According to Bora, they’re asking for another 70 to make up a top 100 so please do.

You might think different to Eureka choices. I do. I’d expect most to, we’ve all go our own ideas.

First up, the last on their list should go. Watt’s Up is anti-science, surely?

I’ve two minds about The Intersection. Their science writing is OK, although I personally think there is better. (I’m very picky about science blogs!) Their advice for science communication is a mixed lot to my opinion: it often feels as if it needs more thinking through and stronger self-criticism.

I’m a fan of both Not Exactly Rocket ScienceThe Loom and a good half-dozen others, although I would have added Neurophilosophy.

Personally I would have excluded the “blogs” that rarely provide any truly original material, but mainly repeat others’ material in re-shaped form or point at it. They have their place, but they’re a different type of beast. They’re aggregators, rather than blogs or blog collectives. (I’m also a bit wary as these “blogs” of this style seem to be under so much pressure to “produce” that they push the line on “pirating” others’ original content and sometimes don’t really give enough credit to the original source.)

I agree with one commenter that there should be more blogs that focus mainly on the science itself, rather than wider culture. It’s not that those that include culture are bad, just that few of those listed are mainly science.

What are your favourites? I’ve love to hear them and check them out, other readers might too. Let us know in the comments section below.

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PS: ’Normal service’–whatever that is–should resume over the next few days. I have a lot of sleep to catch up on and a mountain of cleaning up to do. I’ll try refer from writing about writing grants in case I say something I regret…!

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