Has Andrew Wakefield resigned from Thoughtful House? (Updated)

By Grant Jacobs 18/02/2010

Andrew Wakefield, whose work has been at the heart of a MMR vaccine ’scare’, has been in the news of late owing to the UK General Medical Council ruling on his 1998 Lancet paper, the retraction of this research paper and more recently the withdrawal of another research paper.

Orac has a blog post tonight querying if this news of his resignation is true. If it’s true, and I want to stress that ’if’, it’s a bit of a bolt out of the blue. At the moment there is no formal announcement on the Thoughtful House website.

Thoughtful House‘s response to the GMC ruling was very much to support Wakefield, so this would be a considerable shift in position. [This web page has now been removed, see update below.]

While still awaiting confirmation Brian Deer, the investigative journalist behind bringing this story to the public eye, has just commented:

Yes, I heard this was coming some days ago.

With this in hand, I would say we should be looking forward to a formal confirmation of this news in the near future. (I trust no-one is silly enough to be posing as Brian Deer!)

Update: [7:30am 19-Feb-2010] While no formal statement of Wakefield resignation has been posted, Thoughtful House has removed their statement responding to the GMC ruling and have removed Wakefield from the list of staff on their website.

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