Dem pesky birds

By Grant Jacobs 19/02/2010

The Australian outback has flies. You know the eponymous hand-flick of countries with flies? Locals there apparently call it the ’Australian Salute’.

Whales seem to have flocks of birds and tail flicks.

In this video, I can just imagine the whale cruising along thinking, ’it’s dem pesky birds again!’:

You got to admit that whale nearly nailed that bird. The bird’s reflexes were pretty quick too. Mind you, if a large black thing rose out of the ocean at you, you’d probably move pretty quickly too…

It’s only 13 seconds of your life, check it out… (You’re not superstitious about the ‘unlucky 13’ are you?)

Yes, posting lighter things on Friday afternoon is a theme around here.


I’m reluctant to “borrow” from the contents of other’s articles, but I pass this one up. Big hat tip to GrrlScentist for posting it! (If you’re a ’local’ on her blog, go over and wish Mr GrrlScientist (Bob O’H) a happy birthday. Or, as they say around there, Happy Birdday.

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