Best research blogs: get ready for voting; well done Aimee and David

By Grant Jacobs 26/02/2010

Research blogging have put up their list of candidates for the Research Blogging Awards, 2010.

research-blogging-awardsIn them are a few familiar names.

misc.ience, one of our own, makes the short-list for the Best Blog — Chemistry, Physics, or Astronomy category. Well done, Aimee!

The Atavism, syndicated here, also makes the Best Lay-Level blog selection (the link points to the stand-alone blog). Well done, David.

They can now add the Research Blogging Finalist icon to there blogs.

I’m happy to see Mystery Rays from Outer Space make the short-list for the Best Blog — Biology category.

Bora naturally makes it into the Research Twitterer of the Year selection, it’s hard to imagine him not!

Those who followed ScienceOnline2010 will not be surprised to see that an article on duck penises makes it into the Blog Post of the Year list. Will it never end?

Anyway, go over and explore and work out your favourites for voting. Note that only registered research bloggers can vote. (Yes, there is fine print…)


If I’ve missed anyone else at Sciblogs out, please let me know. It’s a long list and I’m trying to read quickly…

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  • I wouldn’t worry about that, my recollection is that they encouraged people to nominate their own blogs. I was going to vote my own blog too, but I wasn’t sure that I was eligible as I had to go back and add their research blogging markup and icon stuff after the fact. A long time after the fact, actually; in months in one case! 🙂 So, I let it go. I haven’t written enough on published science as I had wanted to (as you do), anyway. Next year maybe.