National Library of New Zealand Web Harvest 2010

By Grant Jacobs 08/04/2010

The National Library of New Zealand has announced that it will be conducting it’s Web Harvest for 2010 during 12th to 25th May. Details of the harvest are on their website. This will attempt to collect all websites under .nz and those websites under .com, .org and .net that can be determined to be physically located in New Zealand as well as a selection of sites that are hosted overseas. With the exception of the top page, which is always collected, their harvest will honour robots.txt files referring to the user ‘NLNZHarvester2010’. (For those not technically inclined, these are files that asked web ’crawlers’ not to visit some pages in a website, usually to spare them being indexed by search engines such as

Help them keep a snapshot of New Zealand on-line for posterity.


Meant to say, if your site is outside of .nz, you can send them your URL so that it will be included. A form is provided at their site.

Excuse the poor service of late, the workload is intruding.

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