When Galaxies Collide… and directors quote-mine

By Grant Jacobs 12/04/2010

Being too beat-up to write an original article (for a whole raft of reasons…), tonight I offer congratulations to actress Felicia Day, winner of Best Comedy Actress at the Streamy Awards. OK, I have a confession to make here. I’d have never heard of the Streamys unless writer, book author and blogger Jennifer Ouellette’s tweeted tonight congratulating Felicia for her win. I have to admit, too, that I’m not really into awards all that much. But what gets my attention is that it’s great to see an actress with a decent profile who promotes science. Beyond web-hosted comedy videos, Felicia has featured in House, Monk, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and other popular shows, blogs and twitters, but also, as Jennifer put it’rocks da science’. In honour of her win, I’m going to share you the video Jennifer pointed out, When Galaxies Collide:


If anyone knows how to reliably get YouTube videos to show in the 560×340 size in WordPress MU, let me know. I have tried, but the thing stubbornly refuses so you get to watch a teeny version. Don’t look at me like that! 🙂 (Double click on the video to bring up the YouTube version if you prefer a larger size or if  your screen isn’t too big you can see a full-screen version by clicking on the radiating arrows icon to the lower right of the video.)

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