The iPad: a cat toy?

By Grant Jacobs 14/04/2010

Could iPads be a communication device for feline desires?

Here’s a new application for the iPad:

Any bets that there will be a rash of cat toy applications for the iPad?

I particularly like the cat’s efforts to play with Magic Piano. (Featured in this video demonstration at YouTube.)

Perhaps we could teach a cat to point to large icons?: ‘food’ (a food bowl), ‘open door’ (an open door, from ground level), ‘clean cat litter’ (now that’s tricky).

Cat owners are already slaves to their pet; with an iPad Cat Communicator they’d be in deep trouble.

HT: @JenLucPiquant (Jennifer Ouellette)

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0 Responses to “The iPad: a cat toy?”

  • That is rather cool – fairly clever cat (who no doubt has his ‘owner’ fairly well trained already!) methinks.

  • Hi Alison,

    It’d be interesting to see if animal behaviour research takes up the touch interface. They already use point boards (think of the research with primates). I wonder what Koko would make of it?

    I think cats respond to sounds pretty well. You should have seen Aimee last night when my cell phone “announced” it was shutting itself off before as the batteries had gone flat. Her eyes were as big as I’ve ever seen them 🙂

  • […] a funny way it’s appropriate following my recent posting of a video of a cat interacting with their owner’s iPad. If a cat can interact with the device, so could some disabled children. In the video below, a 2.5 […]

  • I’m sure I read somewhere that cat’s brainwaves are generally too rapid for them to ‘see’ television images – all they get is the snow effect… this implies that those cats which can see television have slower brainwaves – does this equate to lower intelligence??
    Is the light emission from an iPad the same as from a television? Has LED/LCD technology introduced television to a new audience?