Science walks into a bar

By Grant Jacobs 30/04/2010

Brian Malow is a science comedian.

Yeah, you read that right. This is the guy who on being asked why be came a science comedian replied ’I used to be an astronomer, but I got stuck in the day shift.’

The jokes are a little geeky. If you don’t get any of them, don’t be too timid to ask.

Perhaps it’s a measure of my geeky-ness that I get all of them?

Now, if only I could work one out starting with ’Brian Malow walks into a bar…’

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0 Responses to “Science walks into a bar”

  • Not super funny (apart from the one about the two bacteria – if you have an American accent, that is) but worth a watch. I’ve certainly seen worse!

  • Two atoms are sitting in a bar. One says to the other, “I think I’ve lost an electron.” The other asks “Are you sure?” To which the first replies, “I’m positive.”

    A neutron walks into a bar. “How much for a drink?” To which the bartender responds, “For you, no charge.”