Wet security attack

By Grant Jacobs 05/05/2010

Sent in by a reader is this report of a homeopathic bomb:

‘A homeopathic attack could bring entire cities to a standstill,’ said BBC Security Correspondent, Frank Gardner, ‘Large numbers of people could easily become convinced that they have been killed and hospitals would be unable to cope with the massive influx of the ‘walking suggestible’.’

Of course victims would be sent to a specialist homeopathic hospital.

One worries that if this bomb were to fall into a large lake, or an ocean, how infinitesimally powerful it might become and that the resulting blast might blow the earth to kingdom come.

Although this article has well and truly done the rounds, I’m repeating it as it is appropriate given my recent post on homeopathy.

If you’re in a slow mood I can recommend browsing the satirical NewsBiscuit, the site hosting this article. It’s latest head-lined article is ’Bin Laden fed up with canvassers constantly knocking at cave door’. The humour is, of course, British. Having lived there for a few years (as I have) may help.

Hat tip: To my reader, thank you. It was particularly well timed as I have been faced with my annual tax return. Now if only we could get IRD to accept homeopathic tax returns and that ever diluted (reduced) payments have ever increased revenue value…

Somehow I don’t think I’ll try holding my breath.

PS: Serious nitpickers will object that the like-against-like principle would have this ’remedy’ prevent explosions, but why spoil the fun?

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