Career motivations (video)

By Grant Jacobs 18/05/2010

Over at Nature Network Stephen Curry wrote a comment on his blog, Reciprocal Space, wondering ’What if this sort of approach were to be applied to supporting scientists…?’ referring to the video I’ve shown below. It’s an interesting presentation that makes you think about what it is that you value in your job and what drives you to be better at what you do, which, in turn, is the reason I’m airing this here.

I‘m not fully with the thinking given, not because I disagree (I don’t), but because I suspect there is nuance not able to be conveyed in a short video that is needed to put this into practice, but ruminating about it never did anyone harm…

So… ruminate away.

Thoughts welcome in the comments as usual!

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0 Responses to “Career motivations (video)”

  • A really interesting video, Grant. I think it applies well to any work situation. Also, autonomy and engagement can only occur in an environment where the employees are respected and this is where some workplaces fall down.
    The 24 hours working on something you are interested in may not translate well into some science situations as the ideas that people come up with might be good, but potentially be difficult to introduce due to time or resources. Still a meeting to share ideas with colleagues etc seems very beneficial to me.