Science communication shorts

By Grant Jacobs 25/05/2010

For my science communication readers:

A collection of science communication articles are being shared on Mendeley. I need to look into this more (another post to write…), but this may be a good way to share science communication research. It’s a small start so far (only 36 articles as I write), but contribute and it may grow. (HT: @bengoldacre)

Jennifer Ouellette, Director of the Science and Entertainment Exchange set up by the US National Academy of Sciences to encourage interactions between Hollywood and scientists, has a video up about some thoughts on scientists criticising or advising on movies:

A Pew Research Centre survey of the blogosphere (New Media, Old Media) notes that science is the third most-frequent topic in blogs posts, representing of 10% of blogs posts, but makes up only 1% of traditional media stories. (HT: @BoraZ.) There are wide range of other statistics presented that may interest those wanting to understand the ’makeup’ of the blogosphere and traditional media.

Pharyngula has hit a million comments. Enough said. (Pun intended. Too good to resist…)


I do have a few substantive posts on the way. Some are held up waiting for permissions to clear, others for time to fill in the gaps. Now if only I could invent a ’more time’ device. Hermione had one, didn’t she?

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