Sunday reading – mental time warps, treating OCD, bio banking, All Whites beat Serbia

By Grant Jacobs 30/05/2010

Neurophilosophy sits in my blogroll for it’s constant supply of excellent stories about intriguing topics of the mind. Apparent motion steers the wandering mind tells of research indicating that motion, forward or backward, prompts the mind to think of the past or future. Perceived motion acting as a sort-of mental warping device? You be the judge.

Joseph Calamia gives an excellent summary of a research paper in Cell in his article Obsessive-Compulsive Mice Cured via Bone Marrow Transplant over at 80 beats. This isn’t a call for bone marrow transplants for those suffering OCD, but it is a wonderful example of thinking about the whole animal (mice in this case), molecular biology and intervention (treatment).

Sunday should be a time for long pieces on interesting topics, right? At Wired magazine, Libraries of the flesh, discusses storage of tissues samples similar to the national melanoma tissue bank planned in New Zealand to store surplus tissues from melanoma diagnostic samples as a base for research studies.

Well off the subject of science, I’d like to congratulate the All Whites football team for their victory over Serbia, ranked 15th in the world, in a World Cup friendly. Neither side was at full strength, with Serbia leaving some top players on bench and New Zealand with one injury and one with a prior engagement. (His wedding!)

I’m frustrated that there is no free-to-air television coverage of these warm-up matches. Written coverage is available in New Zealand and Serbia (the latter more balanced, and with a better understanding of the sport IMO). The game featured the on-field captain trying to calm fans as the Guardian report highlights. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.